The Proper Use of an Empty Badoit (Rouge) Bottle

A rose in an empty Badoit bottle

My boyfriend came home from work with a rose for me.

Like every girl should, I proceeded to jump up and down like a dork and shower him with “awww”s, hugs, and kisses.
However, being cheap students, we obviously do not have a vase. Looking desperately around for a bottle long enough to make a home for a couple of days for this glorious rose, I experimented with discarded wine bottles, milk jugs, and other receptacles. The “Badoit Rouge” bottle was by far the winner. (We have become obsessed with the “intensément petillante” bubbles that only Badoit Rouge can provide, now I feel like a savage when I drink tap water. I guess it’s a side effect of living in Paris, you become highly critical of everyday choices, including sparkling water.)

I then had to take pictures of how beautiful it looked on our table.

All this obsession with a rose led me to find a fun fact that I now will share with you today : Did you know that the beauty of a rose is defined not by the size and color of the rose bud, but by the length of the stem? The longer the stem, the more beautiful a rose is considered to be. So keep that in mind, men!


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